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Setra management Console and Supervision by Setra Box


We ensure to create useful software for profesionals and understandable by all. We think our softwares out-of-the-box.

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Producing quality code ensures robustness, speed and efficiance our applications created by us for your needs.

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We use customers feedbacks and integrate them in our development cycles to make it efficient and up-to-date on functionalities.

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New Features are born from the needs expressed by our experts on the ground. We develop what database administrators really need


An enterprise-class software made for you by our development team. We do custom version focused on your requirements.

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We take care of our customers and help them to integrate our softwares on their environments.


Orachrome Lighty For Oracle Presentation

Lighty for Oracle

Quickly identify and resolve performance problems on your Oracle stack with real-time diagnosis. Explore in depth the statistics of your bases, instances and more. Monitor multiple databases on a single screen. Available on Windows, Mac OS X & Linux in standalone mode or RAC.

Lighty For Oracle is available for Standard and Enterprise Edition of Oracle Products. You are free to use Lighty on both versions. You can find more informations about Lighty on Orachrome.

Setra Management Console

The Setra Management Console helps you to pilot and anticipate changes in your heterogeneous database park. With a single page, you can get an overview of all instances and go far in the details on a single one. It's a multi-tools webapp brought to you by Setra Conseil.

It can also display errors triggered by you on usage picks, availability or volumetry. You can display I/O consumption, backup duration, availability graph and all indices available by the SGBD.

Setra Management Console Presentation Screen

Setra Box Presentation Screen

Setra Box

Setra Box is an exclusive, modular and efficient solution built by ourselft for supervision. Integrate all of your systems and equipment, at any time and get an accurate view of the operational status of your IT.

Quickly identify problems on your IT assets and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure.

We're not the only ones excited happy pleased about Setra Management Console.

100+ customers in more than 5 continents use Setra Box with Setra Management Console.