Our expertise, a matter of know-how.

As we're determined to stand out with our expertise, the know-how is our trademark. Our global offer focuses on the optimization of companies' data management.

Whether you want to design a new database system, optimize the performance of your existing application, or conduct a scalability review of your database's architecture, our expert team is here to help you choose the right technology that aligns with your business goals.

Defining, implementing, managing and securing your data infrastructure are the keywords of our expert team composed of high-skilled and certified specialists.

Database Management

Oracle Systems

We are Oracle Gold Partner, holding 9 Oracle specializations, from infrastructure design and implementation to full remote system administration on the Oracle stack.

Microsoft SQL Server

AlwaysOn availability group, SQL Clustering and SQL Server Replication are a subset of the areas of expertise our expert team works with. So do not hesitate to call our specialists!

MongoDB Systems

Because relational databases are not suitable for all business uses, MongoDB is a relevant NoSQL, oriented-document system that may help you to solve your data growth and analysis issues. For more information, ask our specialists!


MySQL databases power some of the world’s largest social networks and web-based businesses. From small business infrastructures to huge installations with hundreds of MySQL servers, we’ll help you manage complexity and keep performance at its peak.


PostgreSQL now includes all the mechanisms needed to become a robust and highly available relational system (clustering, hot standby, pooling). A relevant solution to help you rationalize your relational database licenses' costs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Cassandra DB

Whether you need to manage big volumes of data stored on numerous servers, while maintaining high availability and reducing points of failure, Cassandra is certainly the most efficient NoSQL DB Engine! Contact our experts to learn more about Apache Cassandra.

And more...

We are on permanent technological watch in the database-related fields. Do not hesitate to request information for your own architecture, our experts will answer your requests quickly.
For more information about database management, please leave us a message on the contact page.

Oracle Engineered Systems


Do you have an Oracle consolidation project, or high performance requirements? From adopting technologies to integrating and remotely monitoring databases in 24/7, SETRA Conseil can help you to be proficient in the Oracle Exadata technology.

FS One Storage

Your Oracle database needs an optimized storage infrastructure? We help you to take advantage of QoS and Hybrid Columnar Compression support provided by Oracle FS One racks.

Oracle Database Appliances

We can help you to take advantage of Oracle databases via the Oracle Database Appliances, ensuring an easy deployment and simple management.

Our differentiating factors

Oracle license management

All our consultants are trained and aware of the license management issues: understanding the intricacies of Oracle licensing model, avoiding pitfalls and reducing costs are assets that will allow you not to pay more than necessary and develop architectures to meet your needs at the best cost.

DBVISIT – StandBy & Replicate

Dbvisit Standby is the reference product among standby databases for Oracle SE, SE1 and SE2 releases. It is an acknowledged alternative to buying an Oracle Enterprise Edition as part of a Disaster Recovery Plan. Backed by many successful projects and numerous references for over 8 years, we will accompany you in the implementation and operation of this technology.

Lighty for Oracle

Because performance management is a crucial task in day-to-day Oracle DBA's work, we develop and extend the marketing of the performance management tool which is encountering unanimous support: Lighty for Oracle. Our team's 'field' experience enables continuous improvement of our Lighty software, which is currently the main support of our missions. Our clients can benefit from our expertise through the many potentialities of Lighty.