The solution to  increase your system agility. advance innovation. deliver continuous data access.

SETRA Conseil is a company specialized in designing, implementing and managing systems, directly contributing to revenue and business success. We help our customers to adopt disruptive technologies to advance innovation and increase their system agility. As IT system design, data analysis and management experts, we accompany our customers in building efficient, innovative and scalable infrastructures.

Expand your data's potential.

Technological Mastery

Our teams have strong technological competencies concerning software architectures, rules of licensing and hardware and systems infrastructures. Consequently, they are the most capable experts to help customers take full advantage of their architecture, lowering where possible the acquisition and maintenance costs.

Rigor And

SETRA Conseil is renowned for being rigorous in preparing and running the services offered to its customers. One of the key factors which ensures the success of our clients' projects is our methodical, formalized and project-oriented approach.


Our company's growth depends on the satisfaction of its customers and partners, who willingly speak about the projects we conducted for and with them for more than 10 years. As we continue to grow, maintaining quality remains a top priority for our directors.

A Strategy
of Openness

We deal with the overall management of the data: from the infrastructure level, to the management of either relational or NoSQL databases. We adopt a comprehensive approach based on numerous certifications to address the needs of CIOs: make coherent the Information System and "Expand your data's potential".


Who We Are

Our team of experts assists you in each of your projects, from database architecture migration to performance optimization. We remain by your side as partners to guarantee the efficiency, scalability and productivity of your architecture. For more than ten years, SETRA Conseil has helped its clients, through our Expertise and Managed Services offers, to rationalize their database infrastructure costs while increasing performance and services availability.

  • Cristophe Rovillo Cristophe Rovillo Cristophe is the founder of SETRA Conseil, currently assuming the roles of CEO and CTO. Through his career, he has always been involved in data management and associated services. He decided in 2005 to create a company specialized in database management, which has become within 10 years a fast-growing company, center of excellence for experts, offering outsourced technical services.
  • Jean Pierre Bocchi Jean-Pierre Bocchi Jean-Pierre joined SETRA Conseil in 2007 as a Managing Director, in order to support the company's growth. In less than ten years, he has established SETRA Conseil as a database market leader in Expertise and Managed Services in France. Previously, he has occupied various positions in Sales and Marketing in major international companies such as Software AG, Digital Equipment Corporation and Oracle.
  • Philippe Berne Philippe Berne Philippe was one of the first employees to join SETRA Conseil. Thanks to its recognized technical expertise and involvement, he has quickly become the head of our Expertise department. On a daily basis, he manages the different projects his team develops around Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB technologies.
  • Mathieu Guilbaud With a solid experience in the production environment, Mathieu Guilbaud took over the leadership of our Managed Services department in 2008. He succeeded in building a highly customizable offer resting on industrialized operational processes and on a strong team dedicated to the production business.
  • Fabrice Raoux Fabrice Raoux With a strong background in database and project management, Fabrice joined SETRA Conseil in September 2016 as an Operational Director. He's now in charge of managing our partnership network by building strong relationships with potential and existing partners. He is contributing to make SETRA Conseil widely visible to major IT players on the French marketplace.